Individual Clients


The PaySpark Account is an electronic money account combining financial technology and traditional banking products to offer individuals convenience with their everyday financial transactions.


The PaySpark Account can be linked to an internationally accepted card offering secure financial transactions both in the real world and over the internet.


PaySpark is a registered trademark of Limited. Please visit the “ABOUT US” page for more information about the Limited.


The PaySpark Account is ideal for anyone who needs a payment method to manage an efficient spending with greater acceptability in the online arena and in the real world and for cash withdrawals at over 2 million ATM machines around the world.


It is also ideal for individuals and business people who travel constantly and require a payment method that is safe and secure as well as for individuals who require to make payments to friends and family.


If you are already a PaySpark Account Holder; you may login to your account and check the different functionalities, load options, fees and many more…


If you do not have a PaySpark Account and wish to learn more about the benefits, the features, and the pricing, please select “Open an account” from the Home page and navigate through the various pages.


The PaySpark Account is offered in one of the 3 different currencies; EUR, GBP or USD.